Adam L. Weintraub

I started PhotoExperience nearly 20 years ago, with the intention of providing curious photographers a deeper, local experience. My philosophy is simple: give a client what they want – maybe that’s how I live my own life, too! If my client is willing to make the time and investment to participate in one of my programs, s/he deserves all that I’ve promised from past trips. S/he imagines that all those positive testimonials to live up to those same expectations.


I know that’s what I want.


What has been a purely photographic inquiry has morphed into a lifestyle and culinary tour, which in-turn, has become Gastronomical explorations at the most intimate levels. I started with my immediate connections to Peru, later exploring and loving Colombia, and now I’m on the verge of magnificent Morocco.


Each of my destinations offer layers best navigated with local knowledge, intimate connections and quality experiences, uncompromised. This is accomplished with intimate groups, an attention to detail at every level, itinerary specialization through simple logistics, as well as outstanding food and spirited company. I developed these programs to pull back the veneer of tourist travel, highlighting my favorite components accrued from decades of knowledge in-country.


Photographers at any level, food lovers knowledgeable in science, or enthusiasts yearning for tasty experiences….the people who find my programs tend towards the adventurous, open-minded, quality-driven, curious individuals and couples. This permits a multi-layered and rewarding experience for everyone with like-minded travelers. As past clients can attest, my commitment to unique insight means unique images and experiences beyond tour-bus pit-stops.


Personal connections, collective experiences and local knowledge still open doors and invite you to where few others have access in each place we visit. We eat exceptionally with local flavors providing nourishment and inspiration along the way. Our hosts are warm, welcoming and generous. An unrivaled ethnic and cultural pride is present in festivals, markets and everyday street activity. The colors and textures of everyday life – and, yes, some of the expected standards like Machu Picchu are always required, and worth it!


Most of my programs and tours are custom or private expeditions, tailored to specific requests from word-of-mouth contacts. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you’d like me to assist you in creating the experience of a lifetime in Peru, Morocco or Colombia. PhotoExperience’s programs are truly an all-around opportunity which can’t be beat, but most importantly, don’t hesitate to call or email with any interest.


Hasta Pronto,

Adam L. Weintraub

“ Putting together a good workshop is an overwhelming task and nobody does it better than Adam. I’ve been to more workshops than I can count and his are the best hands down. He makes it so easy to do your best work and have fun. I’ve been back twice and plan on going a third time.“

– Fred M. Blum,  San Francisco, CA