Intimate Perspectives: Cusco, Machu Picchu & the season of Festivals!

Intimate Perspectives: Cusco, Machu Picchu & the season of Festivals!

Date: June 19th – 26th 2011

Fee: : $2750, workshop to end in Cusco

Instructors: Spike Mafford and Adam L. Weintraub

Amazon Rainforest Extension: Heath River & Lake Sandoval Dates: June 27th – July 2nd Fee: $1475, workshop to end in Puerto Maldonado

Join us in the “working” adventure of a lifetime – a multi-layered offering of a roving professional photography workshop, an immersion course on adventure travel as well as a truly authentic glimpse into a Peru few tourists ever see. We’ll tour Peru’s most fascinating cultural sites like Machu Picchu during its Centennial Celebrations; experience traditional festivals normally held months apart but this year only 1-day (!) apart; and explore sacred places slightly removed from the beaten track. Legendary photographers Mario Testino, Irving Penn, Martin Chambi, Phil Borges, Chris Rainier & Javier Silva have all created unique and lasting photographs in Peru and we’ll reference their work as we make our own.


Photographer Adam L. Weintraub, now living in Peru after traveling there for many years, will be joined by Spike Mafford, a highly regarded professional travel photographer, to bring humor, spirit and insight to this excursion. Traveling the globe in pursuit of fine art and documentary images, they have fine-tuned a variety of approaches and techniques, as well as less easily-defined skills like overcoming language barriers and other cultural challenges. This course offers the ultimate flexibility and a great insight into how each of us makes our mark on the world as we see it.

Each day we’ll look forward to high-spirited photographic and cultural debates (accompanied by some of Peru’s best cuisine). We’ll show you how to cultivate a distinctive, personal imagery that transcends the boundaries of mainstream “travel photography”. Some of the specific subjects covered will be: quickly perceiving the deeper subtexts in a situation; employing discreet and effective approaches in sensitive environments; and then we will also address technical issues like equipment, lighting and composition. We will have private critical feedback with each participant meeting to discuss direction, edits, style and substance. Participants will return home with from a truly unique Peruvian experience with a vision of their own.