Sketches of Perú: A Photographic Exploration

Sketches of Perú: A Photographic Exploration

Date: December 23rd 2011 – January 3rd, 2012

Fee: $3950

Instructors: Daniel Milnor and Adam L. Weintraub

Amazon Rainforest Extension through January 7th, 2012; $1750



Highlighted by New Year’s celebrations in Machu Picchu, photographers Daniel Milnor and Adam L. Weintraub invite you on a Peruvian travel odyssey set against the backdrop of one of Latin America’s most spectacular cultures. The trip will begin in modern Lima where the world- class flavor of Peru allows a first taste of the Andean way of life and cuisine. From Lima we will venture to the Colonial City of Arequipa where the terraced, white-rock volcanic landscape reveals the life of rural Peru: villages, condors and hot springs in a magical terrain. Next on our path will be the anthropologically rich areas of Cusco and Machu Picchu where participants will walk the well-worn stone paths of the ancient Incan Empire. Finally, our journey will end on the banks of the Peruvian Amazon, along the Bolivian border.

– History
– Cuisine
– Culture
– Photography
– Insight
– Wine, Pisco and Celebration!

Much of what we first learned about the remote parts of the world came to us through the tattered pages of National Geographic and the photographs by the daring explorers who chose to put their life on the line and step toward the unknown. Men like T.E Lawrence, Thomas J. Abercrombie and of course Hiram Bingham gave themselves to the idea of always moving forward. Each of us, in our own unique way, is capable of recording our experiences of personal reflection. Peru offers nearly endless possibilities and is the perfect place to begin making your own photographic journal crafted by your personal vision and experience. If you have ever wanted to travel to an exotic location, engage the local population and come home with a book filled with personal reflections, this class is for you. While photography is an essential part of this class, we will look to discover images that serve as visual notes and as a way of finding further connection with our surroundings and the people of Peru. When we explore the world with a camera we all face similar questions:

How do we break the ice or engage our subject?

How do we establish proper communication when we might not speak the language?

How do we make the best portrait possible given existing conditions or limited tools at our disposal? What tools do we have to make the conditions work for us?

How do we work quickly yet make the type of image we most want to make?

How do we know when to pose or let things happen naturally?

One of the most important decisions we make is how to establish our relationship with the subject (what do we want the portrait to evoke?). By combining humor, language, honesty, intent and external conditions, we make the most of the moment and our relationship to the subject. In turn, we create images that reflect those in front of the lens, but also our individual view of a place or people.

Legendary photographers Mario Testino, Irving Penn, Martin Chambi, Phil Borges, Chris Rainier & Javier Silva have all created unique and lasting portraiture in Peru.

Daniel and Adam will work with attendees both as a group and individually to help each student assess what makes their personal portrait style unique. Making a camera and lens selection, evaluating a scene, crossing the language barrier, using available light, working with off-camera flash, and how to engage the subject will be part of the learning experience.

Daniel and Adam will provide you with the experience you need to come back with the spirit, knowledge and confidence to make portraits in any location. Students will work with both paid models as well as randomly chosen locals in a variety of locations from high-altitude weaving villages to the cobbled streets of Cusco.
Students will leave Peru with not only their memories, but edited, sequenced and well designed books of their work. And of course, with fabulous food and wine along the way…