“Putting together a good workshop is an overwhelming task and nobody does it better than Adam. I’ve been to more workshops than I can count and his are the best hands down. He makes it so easy to do your best work and have fun. I’ve been back twice and plan on going a third time.
When you combine Adam’s organizational skills with the beauty and culture of the Peruvian people, Machu Picchu and the Andes the combination is unbeatable. If you only go to one workshop this is the one.”
– Fred M. Blum,
San Francisco, CA






“Today is the first free time to look over my shoulder, and realize where “I have been”. You took a life-time travel desire and created it into a reality that exceeded my wildest dreams.
For all of this, I thank you. But most of all, I thank you for leading the way to a world of photography that fits my concepts. Your book was a turning point for me.
It was almost like getting permission to break some rules, be formless. For this I will be forever grateful.”
– Caroline Hirschfeld



“The trip was SO INCREDIBLE…  it truly exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you so very much, for working so hard to create such a memorable experience.  It was one of the very best trips that I have had.”
Scarlett Hendricks 2012



“I have at least 5 people who are game for the next trip to Peru. I see why it is such a special place and how one could never want to leave it. Again, thanks so much for sharing your Peru with me – I am getting on the roster to join the next one! I want to take my son as well. He saw the pictures and your book and can’t wait! “
Lesa Gamble, 2012



“The workshop was an absolute pleasure.  The photo ops ranged all the way from interesting to breathtaking when we got to them (figuratively and literally, since at one we were over 14,000 feet above sea level,) and they were enhanced by the instruction and discussion prior to arriving at the sites.  Even the routes to our destinations were well thought out.  A couple of my best shots were at our rest stops along the way.  All told, it is obvious that you had spent a lot of time planning every aspect of our time together.  I never felt that I had to compromise or settle at any point in the entire time I was in Peru. I think you should be quite proud of how well you organized everything.”
David Loomar, 2012



“I just want to send you a compliment. I think that the combination of being an excellent travel guide,  really caring what people can get out of the trip, and your total involvement in photography makes for a very successful workshop.”
Bob Sachs